Food Intolerance & Allergy

Food is an imperative part of our lives. “We are what we eat” is a famous
saying because the foods we eat affect everything about us, from our physical
health, appearance, to our mental health, mood, emotions and even social
interactions. Millions of people are affected everyday by different foods they
eat in ways they don’t understand. Our DNA dictates how each of us reacts to
different foods and everyone has different genetics and lifestyles that
determine what foods are ideal for our nutrition.

Intolerance and Allergy are two different conditions that can cause physical
reactions. An intolerance can cause some of the same signs or symptoms as an
allergy, but a true allergy causes a more severe immune system reaction that
can affect numerous organs in the body, and may even be life threatening. An
allergy means those foods must be avoided completely, whereas an
intolerance means lifestyle will be affected but small amounts may or the
support of supplements may improve those lifestyle impacts.

Understanding how a person’s DNA reacts to certain foods can help determine
the optimal nutrition and diet plan to achieve the desired physical appearance
goals and comfortable lifestyle everyone seeks. The first step is by taking time
to get tested, see the results and then discuss with a professional doctor or
nutritionist the recommended strategy and regimen.

We offer:

  •  Food Intolerance testing across over 220 different types of foods to
    provide a complete view of a person’s levels of tolerance to each.
  • Food Allergy testing to determine the possible few food groups that may
    cause severe or potential life-threatening reactions to a person if
  •  Gastric (Celiac) profile to determine if a person truly needs to lead a
    Gluten free life.
  • Gastric (Ulcer) Profile to determine if a person will be susceptible to ulcers as a reaction to certain foods

Testing is very easy and takes little time, with results provided within days to the patient. Book your appointment today to finally understand why or how your body reacts to the foods you eat.