DNA Test

Your genes play an important role in how your mind and body work. From fitness to nutrition, our DNA tests help you get the info you need to make the best choices for you. Breakthroughs in science have made it possible for you to discover the genetic traits that set you apart. Medica Zone Clinic brings this technology to you.

A DNA test compares a sample of your genetic material against known genetic sequences, based on established scientific and medical research. The laboratory analyzes these comparisons to generate your personalized profile.

How does a DNA Test work?
Once you visit Medica Zone Clinic for your DNA Test, a physician will conduct a consultation with you. The purpose of this consultation is to establish your medical history and requirements.

The DNA Tests we use require a DNA sample from the mouth. A swab is used to collect the sample from the cheeks. A blood sample is not required to conduct the DNA test.

Your results will be ready after 10 days. You will receive a report with all the requested test results and recommendations, as well as a consultation to explain the results and give you further advice if required.