Well-Man and Well-Woman Check Ups

In our busy life schedules, we can get so caught up in life that we undermine the value of health. Our bodies go through a number of physical and mental changes and it is necessary to keep a check on them. Conditions like under-active thyroid disease can become serious if they are not identified at an early stage and treated accordingly. The well man and well woman health checks are more comprehensive than a typical cardiovascular health check and cover aspects like; past medical history, current lifestyle regime, family medical history and current health problems. These health checks are carried out to determine if you are suffering from a health problem or if there are any symptoms in the body.

At Medica Zone Clinic Dubai, our team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive well man and well woman health checks so that your health is never compromised. Our checks include; blood pressure, ECG, urinalysis, blood tests, height/weight/body mass index and lifestyle screening questionnaires. The physicians who are skills to perfection analyze your current health and recommend you treatments if a disease is found.