Teen Health

When an individual transition from childhood to teenage, innumerable physiological and psychological changes occur in their bodies. The transition is a complicated process and can become the root cause of health related issues in teens. Hormonal problems, hoarseness in voice etc. are some of the most common changes witnessed in teenagers. At Medica Zone Clinic Dubai, we provide both primary and specialty care for teenagers, aged between 13 to 19 as they have unique health issues. We are fully dedicated to provide every patient of ours with best medical treatments and healthcare.

Our medical staff constitutes of competent doctors, psychiatrists and nurses. Some of the areas in which we have expertise include; eating disorders, gynaecology, obesity, reproductive health, and analysis of behavioural problems. Our expert team deals with every teenager as an individual and before reaching a conclusion, evaluate every aspect of their life. We believe every person is unique and thereof has unique health and mental issues that need utmost care and attention to be addressed properly. We are one of the best medical centres in Dubai who are expert at providing health and medical care to teenagers.