Screening Tests

Medica Zone Clinic Dubai realizes the importance of early detection of life-threatening diseases. An early screening test can save a person from the extra pain or simply from losing a loved one to a deadly disease. Diseases develop over a period of time, when people ignore the importance of screening tests and do not check if they have any symptoms, they might have to bear some very serious consequences. Early detection is the best optimal way to minimize the impact of cancer on a patient and to stop cancer from spreading in their body. Our certified medical staff with their years of experience knows how to perform screening tests for different types of cancers.

We provide results as early as possible so that you don’t waste your time and energy anticipating about the results. We offer breast exams, pap tests screenings, colorectal cancer screening and mammograms to women in need. If a woman is found to be suffering from cancer after screening test, we immediately refer them to the concerned department so that treatment can be started.