Geriatric Care

Geriatric care is the type of medical care that is especially given to older adults. Whether they have a physical, social or psychological problem, which is associated with the aging process – geriatric care makes it possible for them to recover from the problems and become better gradually. At Medica Zone Clinic Dubai, comprehensive care is given to any individual who is beyond the age of 50 and suffers from any sort of problem. Whether it is an outpatient or inpatient, we are able to provide the older adults with the best services and healthcare to help them.

Our approach is focused on the wishes, needs and quality of the life of our patients. Naturally, older patients suffer from more health-related problems, we monitor each of our patients meticulously and identify if they start to show early signs of any disease. Our mission is to enhance their quality of life and let them feel better empowered so that they can enjoy this part of their life. Our medical center has the top healthcare providers, nursing staff, and doctors to solve any medical complications that the older adults might have.