Care of New-born

When a baby is born, it is both a beautiful and complex process. During this period, the baby goes through a number of physical changes as the baby has to adjust to life that exists outside the mother’s womb. Bodily functions of the baby that were earlier dependent on the mother’s now have to become independent. First time parents most of the times are not familiar with how a new-born’s baby responds and what it requires. As the skin of new-born babies is extremely sensitive, they are prone to get diaper rash etc. Also as their body is still getting used to the new world around them, they might spit up, have diarrhoea or show behavioural changes.   

To take the best care of your new-born baby in the best possible way, Medica Zone Clinic Dubai is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. We understand how much previous your little one and thereof support you in every challenge that might arise with the new-born baby. Our family medicine and nursing staff have vast experience to cater to all of your concerns and problems with regards to your new-born.  Being the best medical center in Dubai, our services are at par with the rest of the world.