Annual check-ups

The popular idiom, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ remains true in the case of annual check-ups. At Medica Zone Clinic Dubai, annual check-ups help our physicians in getting the complete picture about your health. It also helps them in identifying any early signs of a disease or virus which might be becoming active. Our comprehensive health and medical care for our patients lets them avoid illnesses and timely management of chronic diseases. By visiting Medica Zone Clinic on a yearly basis to have a complete checkup of your health, you can analyse how your body is functioning and compare it with the previous years.  

Our physicians are skilled at discovering any health problems before they even initiate in your body. This provides you with an opportunity to fight with the disease before it can bring any harm to you. During a typical annual checkup, our physicians will take your personal and family medical history, underlying health conditions and perform various physical exams to reach a decision. Some of the common aspects which are covered in an annual checkup are; hearing and vision tests, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, blood tests for glucose, complete blood count and cholesterol, heart and lung function.